Exchange offers a wide variety of video resources for staff development, early childhood education, and training sessions.

Learning Moments

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See What Children Know

The Learning Moments series (for use on a computer) presents real-life video files that are the perfect compliment to workshops, lectures, and online courses on how young children learn. These video clips make general principles of child development and early education come to life by allowing viewers to see what children know.

Please Note: Permission is granted for use of these CDs by one individual program director, trainer, or college educator presenting the material in an in-person setting.

For use online or by multiple individuals in one organization (including large early childhood organizations, colleges, and other training institutions), please complete the Custom Quote Request form on our website and we will prepare a proposal tailored to your specific requirements.


Nature Explore

Growing with Nature DVD
Growing with Nature DVD
Keeping It Growing DVD
Keeping It Growing DVD
Learning With Nature DVD
Learning With Nature DVD

Turn-Key Training

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A New Approach to Video-Based Training

Turn-Key Training DVDs address significant issues facing early childhood professionals. Each training provides insights from a variety of experts, as well as scenes of appropriate practice gathered from innovative early childhood classrooms across the country.

This Exchange DVD resource can be used by:

  • Center directors for in-house staff training
  • College professors for classroom exercises
  • Independent trainers in their presentations
  • Resource and referral agencies in their workshops
  • Colleges to incorporate into online learning systems
  • National and state organizations to employ in learning management systems

Turn-Key Training Set of 4 DVDs
Turn-Key Training Set of 4 DVDs


Add Pizzazz to Your Training with Real-Life Video Clips

As a center director, trainer, or college educator, you can now easily and affordably add authentic action and pizzazz to your staff training, workshops, lectures, and online courses with unlimited access to over 350 video clips and over 40 featured playlists and their respective text introductions.
  • View these clips on any personal computer
  • Play them to a group on a video projector
  • Distribute them to your staff or students online

By using Videatives Streaming Service, you can make general principles of child development and early education come to life -- turn ordinary moments into rich learning experiences. Students and staff members will learn to "see what children know," not by studying text, but through observing and assessing real-life incidents in early childhood settings.

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1-Year Institutional Subscription
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To experience the power and impact of Videatives Streaming Service, view the following demos:

Block building encourages children to think about potential solutions to interesting and varied problems. In this video, Ria builds a 'spaghetti-maker'. The vertical dowels that inspired her idea prevent her from inserting a horizontal dowel between the same pair of cubes...

Three young girls enjoy playing an invented game. The girls work to coordinate their movements, accommodate a third player, and lend structure to their play by singing refrains from a familiar nursery rhyme. Notice how they enjoy the affiliation felt when one follows the other...

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Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, these videos may take a few moments to load. For best results, allow the video to fully load before viewing it by pressing the start button and then the pause button immediately thereafter.

Subscription Options: The Individual Subscription is designed for usage by one individual center director, trainer, or college educator. The Institutional Subscription is designed for large early childhood organizations, colleges, and other training institutions with usage by multiple individuals.

You will receive confirmation by email within 24 hours of ordering with complete instructions on how to access this video streaming service. Service and support provided by Videatives, Inc.



Faculty/Trainer Rates

These are not your typical training DVDs.

No scripts. No staged events. Imagine sitting down for a one-on-one conversation with some of the leaders in the field of early childhood care and education. Imagine them presenting at your next class, staff development, or training session. This is the concept behind Voices on DVD.

This powerful series of DVDs offers you practical ideas and experienced insights from seasoned professionals who speak with the passion and perspective that can only come from years of working with directors, teachers, young children, and their families. Interlaced with real-life classroom video, they provide a rich platform for staff development and training sessions that will inspire, motivate, teach, provoke new thinking, and generate lively discussions.

Voices DVD: Building Enrollment
Voices DVD: Building Enrollment