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Turn-Key Training: Addressing Challenging Behaviors

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Please Note: Permission is granted for use of these DVDs by one individual program director, trainer, or college educator working with up to 75 people per year. Contact Exchange to obtain licensing for individual use with more than 75 people per year or for institutional training purposes.

Challenging behavior is one of the biggest issues early childhood educators face every day. Most often these behaviors are caused by challenges presented by the social and physical environment, yet often the approach is to "fix" the child rather than "fix" the factors that contribute to the behavior. This Turn-Key training program will provide the knowledge base and practical strategies teachers need to strive to minimize challenging behavior in the classroom. Watch the following video to learn more.

This innovative, comprehensive ten-lesson video course helps teachers minimize challenging behavior by promoting these positive classroom practices:

  • Creating a well-designed physical environment
  • Implementing a child-focused curriculum
  • Helping children with problem solving skills
  • Planning a predictable, well-paced day
  • Fostering relationship-building

This course includes:

  • 50 video presentations
  • Insights from 50 experts in the field
  • Real-life interactions gathered from classrooms across the country
  • Learning objectives and reflection questions
  • Extension activities and additional resources
  • Closed captioning

What we do today, matters tomorrow. The time for you to help all children is now.

Module 1

Children's Behaviors

Lesson One - Child Development (42:06)
Developmental Milestones
Social and Emotional Health
Behavior and Cues
Protective Factors and Resilience

Lesson Two - Challenging Behaviors and Risk Factors (47:56)
What is Challenging Behavior?
Including All Children
Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior
Children and Stress
Violence, Abuse, and Trauma

Module 2

Promoting Positive Behaviors

Lesson Three - Finding Children's Strengths (42:18)
Developmentally Appropriate Practices
Observing Behaviors
Assessing Behaviors
Strength-based Approaches
Creating a Caring Learning Community

Lesson Four - Preventing Challenging Behaviors - Part 1 (44:40)
Classroom Environment
Routines and Transitions
Building Relationships
Responsibility and Rules
Reflective Practice

Lesson Five - Preventing Challenging Behaviors - Part 2 (44:17)
Music, Movement, and Active Play
Scaffolding and Skill Building
Teaching Problem-solving
Feelings are Important
Heading Off Bullying

Module 3

Adults' Behaviors

Lesson Six - Teachers Making a Differences (46:30)
Knowing Yourself
Taking Care of Yourself
Intentional Teaching
Effective Praise
Policies and Procedures

Lesson Seven - Working with Families (45:07)
Developing Respectful Partnerships
Understanding Cultural Values
Communication and Coordination
Reducing Family Stress
Avoiding Expulsion

Module 4

Intervention and Strategies

Lesson Eight - Developing a Behavior Plan (47:19)
Why is the Child Using the Behavior?
Goal Setting
Frequency, Intensity, and Duration
Six Steps to a Behavior Plan
Looking for Outside Help

Lesson Nine - Intervention Strategies - Part 1 (46:09)
Intervention Strategies
Withdrawn Behaviors
Positive Guidance and Discipline
Developing Empathy
Developing Self-regulation

Lesson Ten - Intervention Strategies - Part 2 (43:22)
Responding to Anger and Aggression
Time In - Regroup and Reset
Making Genuine Amends
Addressing Hurtful Behavior
Responding to Dangerous Behaviors

This innovative training program includes interviews
with over 50 experts in the field, including...

Margie Carter
Early Childhood Consultant
and Author
Amy Dombro
Powerful Interactions

Dan Gartrell

Bemidji State University

Sandy Heideman

Early Childhood Specialist

Mary Louise Hemmeter

Ctr. on Social and Emotional
Foundations for Early Learning

Marilou Hyson

Early Childhood Development
and Education Consultant

Barbara Kaiser

Author, Challenging Behavior
in Young Children

Marie Masterson

Dominican University

Sharon Ritchie

Frank Porter Graham
Child Development Institute

Nancy Rosenow

Dimensions Foundation
Nature Explore