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Exercise Your Brain
April 18, 2019
There's a big difference between showing interest and really taking interest.
-Michael P. Nichols

“According to scientists, one of the best ways you can exercise your brain is reading, and the reason why is all connected to memory,” writes Sadie Trombetta on the Bustle.com website.

She explains, “One of the brain's most important functions is memory. It is the storage center of everything a person has learned, including not only their own name and identity and the identities of the people around them, but the skills they need to function in everyday life. Without it, people struggle to make it through day-to-day life, as evident in the heartbreaking case of Alzheimer's disease, an illness 500,000 people die from every year. That's why it's crucial to continually work to engage the mind and improve memory.

Luckily, to do that, all you have to do is pick up a book.

According to a study at the Fisher Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, mental stimulation like reading can help protect memory and thinking skills, especially with age. The authors of the study even suggest that reading every day can slow down late-life cognitive decline, keeping brains healthier and higher functioning for longer.”

Source: “Why Reading is the Best Workout for Your Brain,” by Sadie Trombetta, Bustle.com, May 15, 2017

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